EdSurge Live: Who Does Online Education Really Serve?

EdSurge Live: Who Does Online Education Really Serve?

Tuesday, August 28, 1 pm PT/4 pm ET


Online learning: It’s the great equalizer’s great equalizer. Or is it?

Online and distance education have been touted as a way bring access to education to those who can’t attend a traditional in-person college experience due to perhaps work or family obligations, distance or commuting barriers, or cost. But as digital learning makes its way into more institutions’ offerings, it’s increasingly unclear if online learning is living up to its promise for students. Concerns exist over quality, racial disparities in digital-learning outcomes, and whether or not the return on investment is worth it for students or campuses investing in the technology.

Meanwhile, the education technology market continues to grow, and colleges are increasingly turning to online as a way to reach more students—and boost tuition dollars through increased online enrollment. And yet, for many students, online education truly has provided much-needed flexible learning environment to attain a degree.

All this leaves us asking: Who does online learning really serve? Join us on August 28 at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET and bring your questions and ideas to share with our guest:

  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock: Faculty Mentor, Digital Innovation for the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative and @ONE (Online Network of Educators)
  • Di Xu: Assistant Professor at UC Irvine School of Education

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