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Teaching Coding in Middle & High School
Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Teaching Coding in Middle & High School

Coding is a hot topic in education. Even President Obama is on the coding bandwagon with his new initiative Computer Science for All. But how do we know what kinds of coding platforms will work for our students? Do you need a computer science background to teach coding? On June 1st, three coding companies will face off in the tank - Tynker, Code Monkey and Code Kingdoms.

They will pitch their solutions to our three teacher-sharks who will evaluate them on whether the skills they are teaching are transferable and if the platforms can be implemented by any school or teacher regardless of CS experience. One company will be dubbed the winner. Get ready for a night of smart conversation, hard questions and great solutions to better support all the students in your class.

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6/01 at 5:00 PST (US and Canada)

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