No. 48 | December 18, 2018

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This year is rapidly working its way into the rearview mirror. But before plunging headlong into 2019, we thought our readers might enjoy a quick review of the edtech jobs landscape for 2018. So, without further ado, here’s your annual roundup of stats from our jobs board:

WHO did the most hiring this year?

Breaking down jobs board posts by company type, we see startups leading the way again, followed pretty closely by schools and nonprofits, with large companies rounding out the pack.
company pie chart.png

WHAT sort of jobs are we talking about?

The most common roles posted by companies in 2018 were:

  • Teaching
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Curriculum Design
  • Engineering
  • Marketing

And that’s encouraging for those of us playing matchmaker, as the top roles sought by our jobseeker audience were:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Sales
  • Product & Design
  • Customer Success
  • Executive
  • Marketing

WHERE is all this hiring happening?

Few will be surprised to learn that most activity revolves around the same cities where we’ve hosted our jobs fairs in the past: San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington DC. What may be surprising—and a welcome relief to those who don’t live in or near one of those cities—is that nearly 15 percent of the posts to our jobs board in 2018 were for remote positions.

WHEN does hiring peak for the year?

Although we saw quite a bit of activity from both jobseekers and hiring companies in July, the highest number of posts to our jobs board occurred in January and February. The January trend has held steady for the past couple of years, which is excellent news for those of you looking to try out a new career in the new year.

WHY should you care about these statistics?

Glad you asked! There’s plenty of good to be taken away from these results:

  • Generally speaking, jobseekers and hiring companies are looking for the same thing in regard to specific roles. And whether you’re planning to remain in education or make a move into edtech, all signs indicate that there will be plenty of opportunities waiting for you in the year to come.
  • Remote work is quickly becoming the norm for many startups as well as more traditional companies. So, that’s one less hurdle between you and a successful future.
  • Perhaps best of all, we’re entering high season for hiring right now. If you haven’t landed your dream job yet, don’t give up. January’s just around the corner. Happy hunting!

And happy holidays to every one of you!

But Wait…

  • EdSurge is hiring a Digital Advertising and Social Media Manager. Want to help shape the development and implementation of our digital marketing strategy? Get in touch!
  • Project Rhythm is on the hunt for changemakers who want to update the way music is taught to young people across the globe. They’ve got two new positions open in their New York office (with remote options).
  • Lexia Learning is a Rosetta Stone company dedicated to empowering literacy educators and students through personalized learning and adaptive assessment. And they’re hiring up a storm in the Northeast right now! 

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