No. 34 | June 5, 2018

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This week, we chatted with Rose Petrozzino who landed her job at Shearwater by attending an EdSurge jobs fair in Boston last fall. She shared with us job search challenges she faced, how she overcame them, and tips for navigating the process.

EdSurge Jobs: Can you tell us a little bit about your job search status before getting the job at Shearwater and how you came to attend the EdSurge & LearnLaunch jobs fair last fall?

Rose: I had a tough transition as I had just graduated from college and had accepted an offer to join Teach for America. Fortunately, before I was matched with a classroom, I realized that I would be a better fit for a role that worked at the intersection of education and technology, as I am very passionate about solving issues in our school systems on a macro level.

As I researched companies in the Boston area that had both a mission-driven culture and a dynamic startup mentality, I discovered EdSurge and the many resources they offered for job seekers. It seemed like everyone I talked to in the edtech space recommended I check out EdSurge events, which was a huge motivator for me to attend the fall career fair.

EdSurge Jobs: Nice! How did you go about connecting with Shearwater at the fair?

Rose: I had actually heard of Shearwater before and was really excited about their mission of supporting students through personalized mentorship programs. Everything I read about the company online confirmed that they also really prioritized employee professional development and growth, which was an important quality I was looking for in my next workplace. Shearwater had a position that caught my eye that I didn’t feel 100% qualified for, but I sent in my resume in the hopes of at least making a connection.

After sending in my resume, I met James Morrissey, Shearwater’s COO and co-founder, in person at the fair. He really appreciated that I had done my research on Shearwater before and had applied to the role. After the fair, I ended up asking him to grab a coffee. After that conversation, it became clear that while I may not have been the perfect fit for the role I originally applied for, there was potentially still an opportunity for me to craft my own role at the company that fit both my interests and the company’s needs. I found that the whole experience was a testament to putting myself out there, making a connection, and not getting fazed if I didn’t see the ideal job description right away. It was incredibly valuable to build out a network, talk to people, and attend events like the EdSurge career fair. I ended up getting hired into a role that was created around my skills and abilities. That flexibility has allowed me to grow tremendously both personally and professionally.

EdSurge Jobs: Do you have any specific tips for job seekers that are navigating a jobs fair?

Rose: Feeling relaxed and well-prepared going into the event helped me a lot. I always leave myself a lot of time before events like that so I can get into my routine and not feel super rushed. Since being at Shearwater, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the hiring process as a recruiter, so it’s interesting to look back on what I think I did well versus what I could have done differently.

My advice to anyone would be to make sure to do your research ahead of time and come up with a list of questions. As a recruiter, I highly value job seekers that come ready with questions because it shows they’re interested and thinking critically about the role. I would also recommend writing down your agenda and a few bullet points about yourself ahead of time – being on the other side, it can be difficult to extrapolate the important pieces of what a candidate is trying to say. If you have that narrative laid out ahead of time, you can make it really clear and easy for your interviewer to understand what you can bring to their company.

One last thing: I used to be someone who wasn’t super confident in a networking space. Even if you think you’re not going to get a job out of it - going to a career fair, networking event, or meetup will help you build your people skills.

Rose works on Special Projects at Shearwater. They are hiring! If you’re looking for a role in Boston, make sure to check out their openings included below.

But Wait…

  • Shearwater is hiring for software engineers, a marketing lead, and a partnerships associate in the Boston area. Check out all their open roles. PS. They just got seed funding
  • HigherEd tech giant 2U raises another $331M, hoping to expand their pursuit of valuable acquisitions. They’re hiring across the United States–and beyond. Check out all of their open positions here.
  • GoGuardian, a Los Angeles-based provider of device management and internet filtering software for Chromebooks used in K-12 schools, has raised an undisclosed investment from Sumeru Equity Partners. They’re hiring in the Los Angeles area, including for a Customer Success Manager.

There’s More:

  • Working in administration and wanting to understand how to set your current (or next!?) district up for success? RSVP for a webinar on June 20th with our very own CEO, Betsy Corcoran and the Newsela team to explore how to make edtech efficacy actionable. Newsela is also hiring up a storm in New York (and a few remote positions!).
  • Ready for an ed-volution? AltSchool’s Head of Partnerships Katie Martin says that the future of education isn’t in tech, it’s in evolving the way we teach. AltSchool is looking to build out their Partner Success team in the East, West, and South regions of the U.S.!

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