No. 25 | January 31, 2018

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We wanted to give a shout out to all of you that filled out last edition’s survey on the gig economy. We were absolutely blown away by the quantity and quality of responses from you all! It’s only fair that we shared some of the insights from the survey, so this week we present you with four fast facts on the gig economy brought to you by–you guessed it–you.

Fact #1: A surprising majority of you are interested in the gig economy or currently have one or more “gig” jobs – in fact, only 12.3% of those surveyed indicated that they were not interested in gigs. As you can see in the chart below, nearly 90% of those surveyed answered “Yes” to interest in gigs, and a decent chunk of those interested already have one or more gig when we sent out this survey!

Gig Econ - Readers' stances.png

Fact #2: Of those that were interested, they were in it for the money. Kidding, sort of. Of the survey takers that were interested in or currently had one or more gigs, they noted “additional source of income” for both recreation and necessity as the top two motivations for their interest in gigs. Looks like that side hustle trend is as true in the edtech and education workforce as it is elsewhere!

Gig Econ - Readers' Motivation.png
*Note: respondents were able to answer with more than one selection.

Fact #3: There’s some concern around what working in a gig or contract roles means for healthcare and other traditional benefits. One reader mentioned that “taking the leap into financial insecurity is unappealing” and another commented that “if you are relying on ‘gig’ work to support you entirely, I would be worried about benefits and saving for retirement”.

Fact #4: People are cautiously optimistic, for the most part, about the state of the gig economy. While there was definite criticism around the gig economy and its effects on present day workforce, the majority of people rank the gig economy as “helpful”.

Gig Econ - Scale of 1-5.png

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